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Which anime character are you? 5 criteria that help to find a character to cosplay

We often get messages where users ask us about the ideal cosplay for them. That is why we decided to write an informative article about this topic and thus name 5 criteria through which you can easily find the anime character and outfit that suits you best.  

Which Anime character are you?

Sex: Crossplay or not?

A good point to start with is the sex of the character. Within the cosplay scene many people like to cosplay as characters that have a different sex as themselves. Especially female cosplayers often slip into outfits of male Anime characters. Thus, first of all, you should ask yourself whether crossplay is an option for you not. Of course, if you just want to cosplay as characters of your own sex, you already reduced the amount of possible cosplays at this point.

Character suggestions for Crossplay:

Height: Find a Cosplay that suits your height

The character’s height could be a relevant factor and thus have an effect on your cosplay costume choice. If an authentic looking cosplay is very important for you, then you rather chose a character that has about the same size as you for your next cosplay. Generally, the height is an aspect that is negligible for most cosplay choices. One reason is probably that there just don’t exist many useful tricks to easily enlarge your body height. With the use of appropriate makeup and a behavior that suits the chosen character well, you are able to create an authentic cosplay even if your size differs vastly from the original. If you are smaller than the character you want to cosplay as, then shoes with adequate heels could help – in case they go well with the rest of the outfit.

Examples for small characters:

Examples for tall characters:

Body type: Thin, athletic, curvy or chubby?

There exist many characters that have a small frame and look rather young as well as grown up-looking characters with big breasts or pronounced muscles. Of course the natural choice is a character that has the same body type as you. If you have a small frame then a Lolita character would be a good choice for your next cosplay. If you are of average build you also have plenty of choice. You can try to emphasize specific parts of your body then – if it is required for an authentic representation of the character you cosplay as. Small breasts or only few muscles often are no problem as you can use push-up bras or makeup to get your desired results easily. If you have a rather chubby body you could use a bodice to compensate for areas that make you feel less confident. Especially characters with a large bust size would be a good choice for you then.    

Face: With the right makeup you can easily look like the character you want to cosplay as

Many Anime, Manga and Videogame characters do look youthful and have got a fair and pure skin texture. If you naturally look young, then a great many cosplays will suit you. In case your skin is naturally darker or gets tanned easily during the summer, you can use makeup with light tones in order to let your skin appear brighter. Also there of course exist characters with darker skin which are a good choice for you then. In case you have got large pores or wrinkles, you can use well-crafted makeup products like the Porefessionell Primer from benefit in order to get a pure looking skin. You probably already noticed: in regard to your face it is rather easy to get satisfying results for your next cosplay – thanks to the power of makeup. You easily can make your face look like the face of the character you plan to cosplay as. Most importantly you should ask yourself whether you want to invest a huge amount of time in your cosplay makeup or not. Moreover many cosplayers like to keep their natural look as they find it rather unpleasant to wear a huge amount of makeup on a long convention day.

Good makeup products for cosplay:

Traits: Self-confident, shy or just a good actor?

Finally an aspect that has nothing to do with your look, but should be kept in mind when planning a cosplay as well. In the worlds of Anime, Manga and Videogame many different characters with all sorts of traits exist. There are self-confident characters as well as shy, hot-tempered, moody, lovely, dominant or submissive characters. If you are a good actor or at least like to play-act, then the character traits don’t really matter. However, if you don’t like to play-act while cosplaying and at the same time want to portray the character as authentic as possible, you should focus on characters with traits that are similar to your own ones.

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