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Set of 6 liquid Lip Tints in different shades of red tested

Since you need the right cosplay makeup for a good cosplay, I was looking for a suitable product to test. This set of 6 liquid lip tints seemed like a good offer. The different colours, the pretty look and the indication that it is waterproof and long-lasting, convinced me to buy it. You will learn whether the colours last over a long convention day if you continue to read.

Suitable for many characters

The Lip Tints are available in six pretty wine colours. To test all of the colours this set of 6 was the perfect choice. I had a lot of fun and found my favourite colour which I also used for my Shampoo cosplay (Ranma ½). The wine bottle design of the packaging is also an eye-catcher. You can actually decide for yourself which colour is the most appropriate for your cosplay. The different reds help to test several lip tints for the character you choose to cosplay. Anime characters often have pale lips depending on the art style. That doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily wrong to have any colour on your lips if you cosplay that kind of character. This product is also suitable for characters with natural lips. You just have to apply a thinner layer then. Characters in which the lip colour play a more important role are for example: Misa Amane (Death Note), Nana Osaki (NANA), Viletta Nu (Code Geass), Merlin (The Seven Deadly Sins), Shenhua (Black Lagoon).

Pretty colour result and long-lasting

First of all I have to make one thing clear: the way the colours look on the lip tint bottles is not how they actually look after you applied them on your lips. Everything is in the range of wine and berry red. The colour Chardonnay Orange looks like orange on the bottle but it is more like an orange-red. Merlot Burgundy, which looks like a dark purple on the bottle is also rather reddish. It’s still the darkest red of all of them, but definitely more red than how it may seem when you look at the package. The colour that stands out most in my opinion is blush pink. Overall the colours are similar, but still different enough. Each colour creates a different vibe and therefore contributes to how the character appears. My personal favourite shade is Chardonnay Orange. It is, as I already mentioned, more of an orange-red, which makes it look more natural. I think it’s very good. Shampoo doesn’t have any visible lipstick in the anime, but a real version of her might have healthy-looking, reddish lips. In my opinion this natural shade is perfect for her and in everyday life I wear this lip tint the most. For the natural look a small layer of colour is enough. For characters with a very distinctive lip colour, you can simply apply several layers. Applying the lip tint may be tricky in the beginning because of the consistency but once you get used to it it’s not more difficult than with a regular lipstick or lip gloss.

No matter how long the day is – the colour lasts. No matter how much I drink or walk through the rain – my lips are still red. I’ve been testing all colours for cosplay and everyday wear for a while now, so I can say with certainty that they are waterproof and long-lasting. It doesn’t lubricate and doesn’t lose its beauty. Perfect for a long convention day. We didn’t take the photos until the end of the day. I was already tired and the rest of my makeup was obviously not the freshest anymore but my lips were the same as in the morning. After a rainy but otherwise normal day, I came home. I forgot my umbrella and looked like a panda. My lips looked still good though.

Special note

These lip tints do what they promise and last throughout the day. However, you have to note that a lip tint is not a normal lipstick or lip gloss. The lips stain it, but the consistency and effect is different. For longer lasting the colour pigments sink right into the lips. This makes it difficult to wipe the colour. It’s waterproof but with makeup remover or oils you can remove it easily. Lip Tint doesn’t contain the wax which is typical for lipsticks and therefore doesn’t provide the lips with enough moisture. The lips can dry out  faster and the results aren’t looking that nice anymore. For the best results you should peel your lips first and make sure they have enough moisture to keep the colour from sticking in the dry spots too much.

Cheap price

I was thrilled with the price of the Lip Tints. At first I thought it was the price for every single colour, but then I was pleasantly surprised. Although the bottles are very small, not a single one got empty in the months in which I already use them. Even my favourite colour isn’t and empty and I use it almost every time when I go out. The delivery was as stated and absolutely problem-free. If you like one colour you can order it separately as well.


These lip tints in different shades of red are good for cosplay. The only downside of this product: not all colours match the colours on the wine bottles. Otherwise you can’t do something wrong with this product and a price like that. I think that the design, the berry scent, as well as the colour results are very nice. If you notice the difference to a normal lipstick everything works flawlessly. I give this product 4 of 5 ribbons because it has almost no flaws and is very cheap.


Currently the Lip Tints are available on Amazon! Have a look at the product by clicking on the link below!


12,99 $


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