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Colorpia Honey Brown Contact Lenses

In order to make a cosplay look true to original an eye colour matching to the character is important. I chose the Colorpia contact lenses in the colour Honey Brown for this test, because I really liked how they looked on the product photos. If you continue to read, you will learn if they have proven themselves in the test.

Suitable for many characters

The contact lenses from Colorpia have a diameter of 14.5 mm, a curvature of 8.6 mm and last about three months. They are available with and without prescription as well as in other colour variants. For example, the lenses are also available in Honey Gray and Honey Violet. In the colour Honey Brown the cosplay contact lenses are suitable for many characters with brown eyes. For example: Ochako Uraraka (Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academy), Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach), Sasha Braus (Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan) and Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!).


Nice design and natural colour

Brown eyes are very common. As my own eyes are brown too, it was important to me that the cosplay contact lenses give my already brown eyes that certain something. At least they should bring some variety – and that worked out well. The contact lenses have a black ring on the outside, which helps to make the eyes appear larger. So if you want to get bigger eyes for your next cosplay make-up, you can achieve it with these circle lenses. The coloured areas cover the underlying eye colour well. The transition to the pupil is soft and therefore looks natural. I especially recommend these contact lenses to cosplayers with brown eyes who want to enlarge their eyes for their cosplay. I can‘t give any information on other eye colours though. My eyes appear larger overall while wearing the contact lenses and have a honey brown tone instead of my natural brown. Sometimes I even get compliments for my eyes from strangers, when I’m wearing the contact lenses on a normal day without any cosplay outfit.

Very comfortable

I wore the Colorpia circle lenses several times. Even after a long day, about eight to nine hours at an anime convention, I did not find them irritating. The comfort is nothing to complain about. In addition, the contact lenses were supplied in a cute and practical box which was added by the shop Medusaland. Inside it were extra tools for easy applying of the contact lenses and a labelled contact lens case.

Easy Shipping

These circle lenses were sponsored by the Malaysian online shop Medusaland. The delivery time from Malaysia to Germany was about three weeks and the contact lenses were delivered without a hitch. Everything was in an envelope. The Colorpia contact lenses and cases were safe and individually packaged. The case for the lenses was given me as a gift by the shop. So it is not guaranteed that it will always be part of the package if you decide to buy the contact lenses in another shop. I consider the price of $ 24.90 as appropriate.


The contact lenses are a good choice for cosplay. If you have brown eyes  you will be very satisfied with the result. That these coloured Colorpia contact lenses are very suitable for daily use can also be highlighted positively. They are comfortable in the eyes for a long time, have a natural colour and are at the same time strikingly pretty. I give them 4 and a half out of 5 ribons.

If you are interested, simply click on the link here and have a look at the circle lenses yourself!

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