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Here you find Reviews of many Cosplay Costumes, Dresses and Outfits. From Amazon, eBay or Online Shops – we test many different cosplay products!

Ranma 1/2 Cosplay Costume from eBay – Review

I recently bought a Ranma cosplay costume on eBay. The cosplay outfit was offered by a professional eBay seller, who constantly sells many different cosplay costumes and got a lot of positive feedback for that. In this product review I will tell you more about the quality of the ranma cosplay costume, the delivery time and the costumer support of the eBay seller. Read more…

China dress – red, short by XueXian

I’ve been looking for a nice outfit for my Shampoo cosplay (Ranma ½). The pretty and short chinese dress by XueXan in the colour red seemed to fit very well with the character. Whether the dress could convince me and really looks as beautiful as on the product photos, you will know if you continue to read. Read more…