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Benefit POREfessional Primer – Makeup for Cosplay Review

The Benefit POREfessional primer is said to reduce pores and oily skin. After using the primer your face should look smoother while your skin should stay matt for many hours. That sounds like an ideal makeup product for Cosplay. But can the promise of value really be kept? Read my full product review here.

Important for beautiful Characters

Many Anime, Manga and Videogame characters do look very youthful. Both female and male characters usually got a flawless skin. That is why a good looking makeup is important for most cosplayers. By using primers like the POREfessional from Benefit you can create an excellent base for your cosplay makeup as well as a fresh-faced appearance. You can basically use such a makeup primer for nearly every cosplay. Yet I like to make some character suggestions and thus name some characters that look especially young and beautiful:

Hatsune Miku; Honoka Kosaka, Kotori Minami, Nozomi Tojo, Maki Nishikino, Rin Hoshizora, Nico Yazawa, Umi Sonoda, Eli Ayase, Hanayo Koizumi (Love Live!); Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail);  Emilia, Rem, Ram (Re:Zero); Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon).

A Primer for difficult Combination Skin

First I like to elaborate on my personal skin since the effect that makeup has depends on the type of skin you have. Therefore I cannot guarantee that the POREfessional primer has the same effect on your skin as it has on mine. I have got a light combination type of skin that normally is hard to treat. Also my skin has the typical characteristics of male skin: My T-zone tends to shine rather quickly and there are many visible pores around my nose. Therefore, when using makeup, I want to reduce the shininess of my skin and conceal the visible pores. Both was quite hard to archive in the past – I tried many different primers and powders, but my skin always got oily after a short period of time. Thus the makeup I applied before didn’t last long and I had to renew it every couple of hours. That always was annoying for me and it never felt comfortable when I wore my cosplay costumes. This is why I decided to test a high-quality makeup primer and bought the POREfessional from Benefit. At this point I can already let you know that I’m indeed impressed with this makeup product!

Benefit POREfessional – No Chance for oily Skin

The Benefit POREfessional primer costs around $33. The size of the tube is 22 ml or 0.75 oz. That should be enough to use the Benefit POREfessional Primer for several months. Especially if you only use it for Cosplay or anime conventions. Apart from the primer you will also get an instruction sheet with pictures that tell you how to apply the makeup correctly. If you plan to apply a moisturizer or the like I recommend you do this before you apply the primer. Then you can go one step further and apply the Benefit POREfessional. Best you use your fingertips. But be careful: a thin texture of the primer on your skin is already enough – you’ll immediately notice that your skin feels softer than before. After applying the POREfessional primer the skin should look pretty even and soft. The primer also should conceal tiny red spots – thus the skin overall will look cleaner than before. At least this was the case with my face. Now you can apply your usual makeup – for example powder, concealer or cosmetic camouflage. You probably will be amazed about the clean and fresh look of your face and the instant improvement that can be achieved by applying the POREfessional primer.

But does the primer and the beautiful look of your face last all day or at least for several hours?

As I wrote before: I tried out many different primers and powders. Normally after three or four hours I notice an annoying shine on my T-Zone. My whole skin loses its freshness and gets an oily texture then. I normally must renew my whole face make up then – since it just doesn’t look good anymore. Fortunately this was not the case after I applied the benefit POREfessional primer. Even hours later my face did look fresh and matt! Sure there was some shine here and there, but my skin didn’t look near as oily as it did before. I’m really excited about the POREfessional primer as no makeup, no powder and no face cream was able to conceal the shine in my face that long! At this point you can really tell that Benefit has done a great job and created a well-conceived cosmetic product of high quality.

The Primer does not cover everything

The anti-shine-effect of the Benefit POREfessional primer is very satisfying. But what about the actual product claim: can the primer minimize the appearance of visible pores? After applying the primer the face immediately does look clearer and smoother. Imagine you edit a photo and use a skin smoothing filter on it. The facial skin on the photo will look smoother than before – and that’s how your face will look after you used the benefit POREfessional primer. Yet the primer isn’t a miracle cure that covers every visible pore on your face. Especially large pores will still be visible after using the primer. So you probably have to use other makeup than just the Benefit primer to cover all of your visible pores. Overall it can be said that the POREfessional primer provides a good foundation and should be sufficient to all Cosplayers with small facial pores. Even if you have larger pores a positive effect is noticeable and your complexion will be clearer overall after you used this primer. Just use the Benefit POREfessional in combination with good face powder. Then you don’t have to think about too large pores and such anymore while walking around in your new cosplay or doing a photo shoot.

By comparing the pictures above you can clearly see that my skin condition hasn’t changed much after a couple of hours. I applied the POREfessional primer around 9 o’clock in the morning and then took the first picture in my hotel room. 6 hours later I took the second picture during the convention. My skin didn’t look oilier and there weren’t more visible pores than in the morning. You can also see that the primer does not cover all facial pores sufficiently as there still are visible pores around my nose. As I mentioned before you surely can reduce the amount of visible pores by using additional makeup like powder. I did not use any additional skin makeup and did not use any skin peeling on that day as I wanted to demonstrate the effect that the Benefit POREfessional primer had on my skin.


The Benefit POREfessional primer convinces due to its very smooth consistency and doesn’t give oily skin any chance. The primer does not cover all pores completely, but reduces their amount notably. Moreover the facial skin will get a beautiful smoothing filter effect after applying the product. Therefore I can recommend the Benefit POREfessional primer to every cosplayer who doesn’t want to think about shiny skin or visible pores all the time. The only downside of the product is its high price. Because of the very good results the price sure is reasonable, but it may exceed the budget of many Cosplayers. If you primarily use the Benefit primer for Cosplays and convention visits it will last for several months though. Overall the product really is worth the money!

You can buy the POREfessional primer from Benefit on eBay right now. Just click on the button below!


33,50 $

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