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Ren has been interested in language, literature and communication ever since his school days. Therefore he studied English and German studies and got his master’s degree in 2017. In summer 2018 he founded and, because he is a passionate cosplayer since 2012 and wants to share honest opinions about cosplay products as well as great cosplay deals with the whole cosplay community. Ren really enjoys writing about cosplay products and thus help people with their buying decision.

Martial Arts Shoes for various Cosplays

Many Anime characters do martial arts. That’s why you need suitable martial arts shoes for several cosplay outfits. I recently bought a pair of Kung Fu shoes for my Ranma ½ cosplay on Amazon. The shoes do look authentic and go nicely with many different cosplay costumes. In this short product review I will tell you more about the quality and wearing comfort of the shoes. Read more…

Ranma 1/2 Cosplay Costume from eBay – Review

I recently bought a Ranma cosplay costume on eBay. The cosplay outfit was offered by a professional eBay seller, who constantly sells many different cosplay costumes and got a lot of positive feedback for that. In this product review I will tell you more about the quality of the ranma cosplay costume, the delivery time and the costumer support of the eBay seller. Read more…

Prettyland Cosplay Wig – long black hair

I bought a Wig with long black hair for my Ranma cosplay on Amazon. The Cosplay wig is especially suited for Ai Enma (Hell Girl) and the amazon product images do look very promising. In my product review I will show you how the wig really looks like and tell you more about its look and quality. Read more…